Are Your Products Authentic?

We get this question a lot. And it's totally understandable as to why, since we offer products at prices that are pretty unbelievable compared to what they usually retail at. And the answer is YES! All of our products listed on our website or any of our social media accounts are absolutely 100% authentic.

If you do have any doubts, then we also accept payments through PayPal and Klarna, which both guarantee the product.

Moreover, Klarna is one of our payment providers and we have a registered account with them. This process involves ensuring the authenticity of the business and products via supplier invoices and approval.

Finally, not only is selling counterfeit goods and items unethical, it is also prohibited and illegal to do so within the United Kingdom. As a privately registered company within the UK, it is our duty to exercise due diligence and caution when purchasing from suppliers. As such, we vet our suppliers extremely cautiously and have stock and products authenticated not only within our company, but we also involve third parties in order to have the upmost of certainty that what we are selling is 100% legitimate and authentic.


Why do the OUTLET Products Take Longer to Arrive?

Our stock is fulfilled form different locations across the UK and Europe. As such, some items, specifically the OUTLET stock, usually take a couple extra days to be dispatched and that is why we are unable to offer Next Day Delivery on OUTLET items however, we are able to offer this on all other items.

Please allow up to 10 working days for OUTLET items orders to be processed, dispatched or received.

PLEASE NOTE: We have temporarily taken our OUTLET products offline for the short future as we are having supplier delivery issues due to customs delays in Europe. We hope to have this resolved ASAP and we apologise for any inconveniences this may cause. We are working tirelessly to speed up the process of fulfillment of any OUTLET product orders that are currently outstanding, please bare with us as this was unexpected and there are certain factors that are out of our control.


Next Day Delivery

Items that are eligible for Next Day Delivery will display the option at the checkout. If your order contains an item from the OUTLET section, unfortunately your order will not be eligible for Next Day Delivery due to the reasons explained above.

You will receive your order the Next Day if you have purchased and completed your order with Next Day Delivery at the checkout, before the website cut-off point which is currently 12:30pm.

Orders placed after 12:30pm with Next Day Delivery are not guaranteed by the courier to be delivered the Next Day and as such, please allow an extra 24 hours for your order to be delivered.


Standard Delivery

Orders that are completed with Standard Delivery at the checkout will be fulfilled using our standard mailing option. As such, orders fulfilled via Standard Delivery may take longer to arrive than other delivery methods to reach their destination. Please understand that weekends may extend this period and due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, some orders may take longer to arrive. 

Please note that you may not receive a tracking link or number for your order straight away. However, rest assured that we are working on your order and that we will send you the relevant tracking information in due course. 

If any issues do arise with your order, then we will contact you as soon as is necessary in order to inform you.


PayPal and Klarna Payments

For extra ease of shopping and peace of mind, we allow our customers to choose from various different payment methods at the checkout, including PayPal and Klarna.

Please note, it is not up to us whether you are approved to utilise PayPal and Klarna's payment services. We only offer these payment options on our store in order to provide you, our customers, with a more enjoyable shopping experience and peace of mind when shopping on our store.

We are not affiliated nor have any say whatsoever in whether PayPal or Klarna accept you to use their payment services in order to complete your purchases on our store.

Any queries, complaints or feedback about PayPal or Klarna's services should be directed to either PayPal or Klarna's respective contact.